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Item ID, 718, For Sale, No. Identifier, Dark_Red_Jewel, Credit Price, Not For Sale. Name, Garnet, Type, Etc. NPC Buy, 6,000, Weight, 10. NPC Sell, 3,000, Weapon Level, 0. Range, 0, Defense, 0. Slots, 0, Refineable, No. ATK, 0, Min Equip Level, 0. MATK, 0, Max Equip Level, None. Equip Locations, None. Equip Upper 16 Aug 2011 Item Conversion Ideas - posted in Ragnarok 1 Community Chat: What would you all think of a NPC that sells commonly botted items at lower prices? I realize this would be a problem for newer players/lower level characters, but in general those newer accounts are also the ones we catch buying zeny most 18 Mar 2017 Cracks Quest Guide. Quest NPC: Quest NPC Interface: Note: You need to form a party in order to get the cracks quest. Maximum 5 cracks per day. Refresh at 5am every day. You can still join the cracks after the 5th time but your character will not get any drops and loots from the cracks. Your character need Garnet - A dark red jewel that is the birthstone for people born in January. 15 Sep 2016 2,240,000. Quest Prerequisite(s):. None. Rewards. Base Experience: None. Job Experience: None. Item(s):. Varies. Quest Reward(s):. Zodiac Wings Below is the list of materials that each seal guardian needs. January: Garnet. February: Amethyst and Girl's Diary or Puppy Love or Forbidden Red Candle. Lv, Monster, Rate, Highest Spawn, Element, 95% Flee, 100% Hit. 94, Ungoliant, 15.00%, 30 at Endless Tower 51F ~ 75F, Poison 2, 374, 364. 123, Lady Solace, 10.00%, 20 at Thanatos Tower 09F, Holy 3, 418, 388. 119, Dragon Egg, 0.11%, 40 at Hugel Field 01, Neutral 2, --, 378 Garnet (Dark_Red_Jewel), Type, Misc. Weight, 10, Buy, 6000 z, Sell, 3000 z, Req Lvl, 0, Class, Etc Items. Description, A dark red jewel that is the birthstone for people born in January. Dropped By, Photon Cannon (10%) Ungoliant (15%) Lady Solace (10%) Dragon Egg (0.1%). Obtainable from, Old Blue Box Old Violet Box A dark red jewel that is the birthstone for people born in January. See Also Amethyst Buy / Sell, 6,000z / 0z, Usable By : Unknown. Type, Etc, None. Weight, 10, Equippable By, None. Attack, 0, Refineable, No. Magic Attack, 0, Equip Level, 0. Defense Guard, 0, Constant Name, Dark_Red_Jewel. Range, 0, Weapon Level, 0. Item Script. None Database. Items · Armas · Armaduras - Headgear · Cajas - Box items · Cartas · Combos de Cartas · Sets de equipo · Monstruos · Lista de Monstruos · Monstruos de mi nivel · Quests · Quests de Eden Group · Mixing - creacion · Mascotas · Mercenarios · Mapas y dungeons · World map

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Garnet ro item guide